Thursday, August 07, 2003

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been out of touch. Since the Tour ended I've been back in Girona moving into my new pad. I've lived in the same apartment in Girona for almost 7 years so moving was a big job considering that I had three closets full of clothes from mad shopping sprees over the years to move. In addition to moving I've been hanging out with the boys and enjoying some of the finer things in Girona. My legs were not so special last weekend in Hamburg and I was a little bit disappointed since I've done well there before and it's a race that I know I can win. However, this weekend in San Sebastian I have something to prove after crashing out last year in the final. The final in San Sebastian suits my abilities well and if I come to the line in a small group, I'm confident I'll be standing on the top podium.

So, let me know if you like this blog...check out my official web site at www.georgehincapie.com and sign my guestbook. If you have some questions, I'll try to answer them here.

Ok, wish me luck for this weekend and I'll holler at you soon

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George rushing by the French countryside
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